Spécialiste des feux de balisage aérien

STANDARD wind indicator mast

“A wind direction indicator shall be constructed so that it gives a clear indication of the direction of the wind and a genreal indication of the wind speed”
“Where a combination of two colours is required to give adequate conspicuity against changing backgrounds, they should preferably be orange and white, red and white”
“A wind direction indicator at a heliport intended for use at night shall be illuminated”
Annex 14, Volum II of ICAO international standards


Designed and made in FRANCE

  • Mast:

Height: 6.2 m
Tiltable mast with pull-down system
Fixing on the ground by sealing plate
Power supply 230VAC.

  • Windsock:

Lenght:  2.4 m
Diameter: Ø60 cm
Red and white textile
Internally lighted with floodlight

  • Obstacle light:

Red steady burning LED light
Low intensity – 32cd
STAC certified


  • Surface-level heliports
  • Elevated heliports
  • Highways

Ref. FH950005

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