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Remote control of heliport lights

Each heliport light can be controlled by different kind of systems, including from remote control systems.
PROMIC can offer two kinds of remote control systems, which can be tailored to each customer project and needs.

Remote control by RADIO

  • Control by VHF emitter
  • Management by the pilot with trigger
  • Power supply 230VAC
  • Frequency 118.00 to 136.975 Mhz
  • Channel : 25KHz

Remote control systems of heliport lights are supplied in power supply cabinets IP66.

Remote control by SMS

  • Control by SMS on mobile phone
  • Management by the mobile phone owner
  • Power supplu 230VAC
  • GSM network
  • SIM card not included 
Associated products
  • HFTR – Heliport light (TLOF)

  • LowDoLed – Heliport light (FATO)

  • FLOODLED 4400 – Heliport light

  • Remote control of heliport lights

  • Wind indicator – Heliport light

  • HFTR – Heliport light (taxiway light)

  • Adapter ring – Support

  • HFTR – Heliport light (FATO)