Spécialiste des feux de balisage aérien


Afin de permettre une meilleure compréhension des enjeux du balisage aérien, voici quelques exemples de travaux réalisés par PROMIC,
des conseils et solutions pour vos projets, et des articles sur l’actualité du balisage aérien et hélistation.

  • At the heart of the Culture City inaugurated the 20th October in Tunis, the Tower is marked at night by a low intensity beacon.

    Tunis: the Culture Tower lighted by PROMIC obstruction light

  • Since April 2015, the CMA CGM tower of Marseille, in France, is lighted day and night by LUXSOLAR obstruction lights.

    Marseille: the CMA CGM tower lighted by PROMIC

  • After two years of work on the field of Andrézieux city, in the department of Loire, the Envol Stadium is now ready to welcome the football fans of the region.

    Beaconing of local project for PROMIC: the Envol Stadium

  • The company PROMIC specially engineered for all crane operators and crane users, a beaconing kit devoted to cranes,
    to make easier the updating of their equipment.

    An efficient solution for crane operators: the beaconing kit for cranes

  • the perfect beaconing solution for these high structures

    The kit for wind measurement mast:

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