LED aircraft warning lights

  •  Lightness

    Certainly the lightest aircraft warning beacons on the market

    Its aluminium central structure, hollow and ventilated, enables the LXS obstruction light
    to barely weigh 5 Kg in the category MIOL AB (medium intensity day/night).

    Thus the beacon is tailor-made for the marking of high and light structures,
    such as antennas or wind measurement masts.

  •  Efficient

    One of the most efficient warning light in its category

    The central hollow structure made with aluminium
    expels the heat released by the LED, thanks to its natural convection.

    This aircraft warning light runs on stabilized temperature, thereby increasing its lifetime
    and decreasing maintenance operations.

  •  Reliable

    LED obstruction lights reliable through its concept

    The LED lifetime above all depends on its thermic stability.

    With its manufacturing simplicity and advanced technology,
    the LXS beacons secure a high reliability level.

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